Saints Tai Tapu is an ideal place for family reunions.

It is the perfect place to reconnect with ample space for both immediate and extended family members, especially if you have family members flying in from overseas or different parts of the country and accommodation is stretched amongst family members.

Being able to use the high-spec in house facilities combined with it’s indoor and outdoor flow in this private river setting takes all the logistical nightmares away; especially when a family get together is about reconnecting with those you don’t see as often as you would like to.

With sleeping arrangements on the ground floor, this allows for the senior members of the family to have to access all the creature comforts they may need during a family get together should they become exhausted or need some quiet time.

Our venue provides a fantastic backdrop for all the family photos, especially with the stately staircase at the foot of the large stained glass window.

If you would like to have, your next family get together at Saints Tai Tapu contact us to discuss your needs.