Saints hospitality support team has been hand-picked by Sven and Heather, as they aspire to the same core values of excellence and attention to detail.

The hospitality support includes the engagement of one Canterbury premier catering company’s whose reputation for continued excellence stands as a lone star in New Zealand catering landscape.

A patisserie that specialises in beautifully made individuels that are picture perfect and too beautiful to eat as they are art in themselves.

We have exclusive access to a stable of horses, whose lineage has appeared in several of the epic films made in New Zealand and are suitable for working in situations where there are cameras, and constant movement as that is their training.

You can choose from the beautiful black Friesian horse with the gorgeous black and gold gilt buggy or the majestic white palomino that will happily stand for any photo opportunities. Alternatively, you may require a little Shetland pony with an adorable personality; we can arrange one of them to arrive for your wedding photo shoots or if you want all three that is not an issue for our support.

We also have access to classic cars that come with their very own chauffeur, where you too can arrive at your wedding in the same style as the Duchess of Cambridge in a Daimler DS 420 s

We recommend several photographers who have been able to capture the beauty of the Saints Tai Tapu interior, use the natural lighting and ambience to significant effect and have the touch to click to get just the right moment to capture the image that is the essence of your everlasting memories of your wedding day at Saints Tai Tapu.

Our support team includes a florist, hairstylist makeup artist for those who have engaged us to provide management of their wedding especially from overseas we have a well-connected network of professionals to make your forever day perfect.